Esharelife founder joins the Hellenic Initiative and celebrates raising £250,000
Hellenic Initiative (THI) Gala Dinner

Esharelife founder Dr Maurizio Bragagni and British Conservative MP Alberto Costa joined guests at the Hellenic Initiative (THI) Gala Dinner at the invitation of co-chair Constantine Logothetis, who was instrumental in helping set up the Esharelife charity.

The Hellenic Initiative’s 3rd Annual London Event, hosted at the Dorchester Hotel, was a sell-out, with more than 380 international guests helping raise in excess of £250,000 to fund THI’s philanthropic and economic development work in Greece.

THI Board President, George Stamas introduced the evening’s keynote speaker, Mr. Muhtar Kent, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Coca-Cola Company and a founding member of THI.  Mr. Kent spoke of Coca Colas’ commitment to the economic recovery of Greece and their proud involvement in THI’s Regeneration Programme for the country.

Event Co-chairs Nikos Stathopoulos, Constantine Logothetis Vice Chairman of the Libra Group, and Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark thanked the crowd for their generous support.   

There were two honourees for the evening.  

ELPIDA Youth was founded in 2015 by a group of young members of the ELPIDA organization. It raises awareness and supports the psychological wellbeing of children suffering from neoplastic diseases in Greece.  Princess Tatiana, one of THI’s International Ambassadors, accepted the award on their behalf.

The HOME Project is a unifying initiative set up by the Libra Group* in response to the global refugee crisis and to address the needs of refugee children who arrived in Greece alone. The HOME Project exists to bring them to safe haven by providing security, dignity, education and safe living conditions.  Ms Sofia Kouvelaki, The Home Project’s Executive Director, accepted the award on their behalf.

Since its founding in 2012, THI has distributed over $15 million to support direct crisis relief and its programmes, supporting entrepreneurship and economic development.

Dr Bragagni said: “It was a fantastic evening and a great result.  I was honoured to attend and support such a great organisation. I was also delighted to stand together with my good friend Constantine Logothetis to whom I am indebted for his help and guidance as we set about building a new charity – Esharelife.”

*The Libra Group is a privately-owned international business group that controls 30 subsidiaries active in 35 countries across six continents. It is focused on: aviation, energy, hospitality, real estate, shipping, and diversified investments. The group is wholly-owned by the Logothetis family.