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Think Tank’s Webinar with Lorenzo Codogno

On 23 November 2020 Esharelife Think Tank organised a webinar with Lorenzo Codogno, a Visiting Professor in Practice at the European Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science and founder and chief economist of his own consulting vehicle, Lorenzo Codogno Macro Advisors Ltd.

The webinar’s topic was on the current EU state of affairs and its economic recovery program in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic.

Prof. Codogno made an excellent presentation, thoroughly based on the latest  data and information on internal driving forces inside the EU, economic dynamics during the turbulent times of Covid-19 pandemic, on the EU budget and its recovery package, highlighting the current opportunities & risks for the UK and Italy. 

While there are some concerns related to the current inability of the EU to unite all its members in approving the economic package, a decision that is not purely based on its economic merits but has to take into consideration the EU shared values, he believed the current obstacles will soon be removed. He was optimist on reaching a “light” deal between the UK and EU on the trade terms of the future, which will be good for both sides and vital for the continuity of the existing businesses.

During the Q&A session, Prof Codogno and the participants had the opportunity to engage in an open and frank discussion on the matters related to the future of trade and relationships of the UK and EU, Brexit impact, import & export issues, financing the EU projects, the state of democracy within the EU and what the next EU generation might be in terms of financing charity activities.

The next Esharelife Think Tank event is scheduled for January 2021 and will be focused on issues related to the interaction between democracy and individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for the latest news and please consider to become a member of the Esharelife Think Tank.