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Esharelife Summer Concert 2024

Join Esharelife Foundation in raising funds for the AVSI Foundation Projects in Kenya and enjoy a Summer Concert & Reception on Tuesday, 18th June 2024, at the In & Out Naval and Military Club, London, starting at 18:00.
The event will showcase outstanding performances by remarkable artists and provide an opportunity for you to give back to society and contribute to the community.


Esharelife is a Charity Foundation recognised by the Charity Commission of the United Kingdom set up to aid some of the world’s most disadvantaged areas. The sole purpose of  Esharelife is to raise money to help projects of other charities that have demonstrated their value. You can be involved with one of the activities of Esharelife:

You can donate immediately:

Esharelife showcased some of the opportunities and chances created by providing school places for children and vocational training for young adults thanks to the work of beneficiary organisations, including one of the charity’s founding project providers, the international education aid organisation AVSI.

Get involved with Esharelife Foundation to have the possibility to become a Patron, Ambassador or Testimonial for the charity.


Esharelife Summer Concert 2024-A Night of Philanthropy

On the evening of Tuesday, 18th June 2024, Esharelife Foundation hosted a delightful Summer Concert and Reception at the prestigious In & Out Naval and Military Club in London. This unforgettable event was dedicated to raising funds for the AVSI Foundation Projects in Kenya, with a focus on combating poverty through education, training, and healthcare….

Witnessing firsthand the impactful work of Esharelife and AVSI Kenya

Teresa Culivicchi, an Esharelife volunteer, arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, this April, eager to witness firsthand the impactful work of AVSI Kenya. A talented photographer, Teresa was on a mission to capture the essence of AVSI’s and Esharelifer’s interventions in Nairobi. Through its partnership with AVSI Kenya, Esharelife has made a significant difference in the lives…

Esharelife Summer Concert

As the Esharelife Summer Concert approaches, anticipation mounts for an evening that promises to blend fine music, engaging conversations and heartfelt compassion. Set to take place on Tuesday 18th June 2024 at the esteemed In & Out Naval and Military Club – London, this event gathers the diverse and dedicated individuals associated with Esharelife- including…

What an amazing 6th Esharelife Annual Gala Dinner!

The 6th Esharelife Annual Gala Dinner was an extraordinary evening, resonating with joy and compassion as our charity passionately fundraised to aid less fortunate or underprivileged individuals! On November 15th, 2023, many wonderful individuals associated with the Esharelife Foundation, including Ambassadors, Patrons, Testimonials, Volunteers, and Supporters from various parts of the world, convened at the renowned…