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Esharelife Think Tank endeavours to serve as an open forum where like minded people can freely share their ideas and knowledge on global development issues and the future of our planet.

Our mission is to conduct high-quality, independent research on the most preoccupying issues and, based on that research, we will seek to inject sound ideas into the public debate. We aim to expand our membership circle of intellectuals, businessmen and academics, and to disseminate information on concepts such as the importance of giving back, circular economy,  human rights, rule of law, market economy, representative democracy, individual responsibility, efficiency and transparency models.

ETT will  actively cooperate with several think tanks  to promote the philosophy of sharing life in the digital era, disseminating information worth reading and provoking lively discussion on matters that concern all of us.

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Apart from paid membership, you may become an Honorary member, a title that Esharelife Think Tank board may grant to you in recognition of your merits and contribution to the Esharelife Foundation causes.

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