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Dr Matteo Canicchi

Dr Matteo Canicchi studied at the University of Siena where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage in 2005. After a long stay in Paris, where he worked as a researcher and cataloguer at the Louvre Museum, he obtained the first level Master in “Knowing Etruria ” always with the University of Siena. 

History of art in the territorial areas of Florence and Arezzo is his real passion and made him become a professional tourist guide in those areas. His connoisseur and passion for art brought him to find out more about Esharelife.

Dr Canicchi played and still plays a paramount role in the thriving of the Foundation. Thanks to his knowledge of art and his profession, he helped Esharelife to recruit artists interested in collaborating with the charity. In recognition of the great support Dr Canicchi brings to the Foundation, Esharelife decided to appoint him as one of its Ambassadors. 

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