Esharelife Past Projects

Esharelife is a charity which attempts to provide a better life to people and communities that necessitate support. Since its foundation, the charity has supported a different number of projects in collaboration with multiple charities to bring help to those who need it most.

Here there is a list with all the past projects that Esharelife has been contributing to.

£3,000 to Eyes on the Future Initiative

On the 10th of October 2018, Esharelife Foundation took part in the Eyes on the Future Gala dinner organised to support  Retina UK The event was organised to raise money to fund research to fast-track treatment for an incurable eye condition…

£10,000 to the British Institute of Florence

The institute is a non-profit UK charity which does not receive public funding. Without receiving public funding, it is a challenge for the Institute to fulfil its mission to offer educational opportunities and promoting intercultural understanding…

Botswana Project Dinner

Botswana Project Dinner

One of the first initiative Esharelife contributed to was the Project Volunteer Dinner in 2016.  Project Volunteer is a charitable organization which attempts to bring support to orphans in Botswana…