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Esharelife Ambassadors

Esharelife nominates Ambassador everyone who has committed his/her time to the charity and has contributed to support Esharelife Foundation. Donors that have helped Esharelife to raise at least £5.000 via Just Giving are nominated Ambassadors as well. 

If you would like to become an Ambassador for Esharelife, click on the link and start your fundraising campaign on JustGiving.

Esharelife Ambassadors

Francesco Bongarra, Esharelife Ambassador

Ambassador Francesco Bongarra

Mr Francesco Bongarra is the Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to Peru and a journalist for the Italian Parliamentary Agency ANSA. In 2018 the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, appointed him Knight of the Italian Republic for his commitments in serving his country.

Professor Nadey Hakim, Esharelife Ambassador at the Esharelife Annual Christmas Gala

Professor Nadey Hakim

Professor Nadey Hakim is a British surgeon, talented sculptor, author and generous philanthropist. In 2019 he was appointed London Vice President of the British Red Cross. He made prominent donations to the Esharelife Foundation, contributing to its growth and prosperity.

Domenico Aiello, Esharelife Ambassador

Dr Domenico Aiello

Dr Aiello was appointed Vice President of Esharelife Foundation in recognition of his great involvement with the Foundation. He is among the charity’s Ambassadors in recognition of his time and efforts he dedicates to it.

Uday Nayak, Esharelife Ambassador at the Esharelife Annual Christmas Gala

Dr Uday Nayak

Dr Uday Nayak is the Chairman & Founder of Kayan Aviation Group, which provides aircraft management services to owners and buyers of aircraft. Uday Nayak has generously supported Esharelife with conspicuous donations and, most importantly, by sharing his life with the charity.

Mr Deyan Mihov Esharelife Ambassador

Mr Deyan Mihov

Mihov has been one of the first artists to collaborate with Esharelife by donating several of his outstanding artworks to the charity Foundation. The Bulgarian artist has also been of great support to Esharelife in the planning of its annual Christmas Galas.

Mr Simon Blagden, Esharelife Ambassador at the Esharelife Annual Christmas Gala

Mr Simon Blagden CBE

Mr Simon Blagden is Chair of Building Digital UK. Mr Blagden in addition to being one of the main donors, has always been actively involved and has supported the Foundation’s events.

Mustafa Mohammed, Esharelife Ambassador at the Esharelife Annual Christmas Gala

Mr Mustafa Mohammed

Mr Mustafa Mohammed is the Founder and Managing Director of Genix Healthcare, a national dental corporation with 27 practices. Recognising the importance of education, Mustafa shares the Esharelife mission to ensure better education to children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

Joe Ricotta, Esharelife Ambassador

Mr Joe Ricotta

Mr Joe Ricotta is an entrepreneur who has been working for over 25 years in logistics. Joe Ricotta is committed to make the world a better place and understands that, in order to achieve that goal, we need to help people who are less fortunate than that.

Esharelife Ambassador Matteo Canicchi

Dr Matteo Canicchi

Dr Canicchi played and still plays a paramount role in the thriving of the Foundation. Thanks to his knowledge of art and his profession, he helped Esharelife to recruit artists interested in collaborating with the charity.

Luca Brandi, Esharelife Ambassador

Mr Luca Brandi

Luca Brandi has generously supported the Esharelife Foundation by donating four of his artworks at our Annual Christmas Gala in 2019. The money raised from the auction of his paintings, Esharelife has contributed to the wellbeing of the children and young people the Foundation supports in Kenya.

Piero Mochi, Esharelife Ambassador

Mr Piero Mochi

Piero Mochi has been an active supporter of Esharelife Foundation since 2016. He is an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist from Italy. Piero has actively contributed to our cause by donating three of his outstanding artworks to the charity to support the Annual Christmas Gala in 2019.

Mr Domenico Meliti

Domenico has always been a great supporter of Esharelife since the charity was founded. He always takes part in the charity events and makes copious donations to support Esharelife communities in Kenya. One of his latest involvement with Esharelife is his decision to sponsor the Esharelife Virtual Christmas Concert happening on the 16th of December 2020.

Mr Jon Sojo

Mr Sojo has always been actively involved in Esharelife activities. He took part in the Esharelife events such as the annual Esharelife Christmas Parties and many more. He has always supported the Foundation projects in an attempt to provide children and families with a better quality of life.

Avv. Gerardo Aprovitolo

Gerardo Aprovitolo is an accomplished legal professional, serving as an Italian avvocato and English solicitor. Recognizing the profound importance of education and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives, Gerardo has found great admiration for the Esharelife project.