Esharelife Active Projects

Esharelife is a charity that supports different projects in collaboration with a different number of charities to bring support to those who need it most. There are multiple ongoing projects that Esharelife is supporting now.

Here you can find a list of the active projects that Esharelife is fundraising for now with the possibility to DONATE for the specific project that you prefer.

Esharelife Appeal for Michael

Esharelife is now fundraising to help Michael, a young boy from Kenya, to assist him with the medical expenses needed to treat his condition. 

Esharelife Appeal for India

In its attempt to assist those who need it most Esharelife could not ignore the difficult situation that India is facing right now because of COVID-19. 

ACT-Daadab Community Project Esharelife Foundation

ACT – Daadab Community Project

The ACT project, where ACT stands for “to Adapt, to Cope and to Thrive” aims to contribute to the process of Adaptation, Coping and Thriving off the Dadaab community.

Tackling Gender Inequality in Baringo County Esharelife Foundation

Tackling Gender Inequality in Baringo County

The project seeks to tackle the issues of gender inequality in Baringo County, Kenya, by contributing towards the reduction of cases of female genital mutilation, child, early and forced marriages, gender-based violence.

Distant Support Project Esharelife Foundation

Distant Support Project

With the Project, we support a lot of children every year; thanks to the charity’s help they are able to get an education and develop the right skills to find a good job.