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Dr Uday Nayak

Dr Uday Nayak is the Chairman & Founder of Kayan Aviation Group, which provides aircraft management services to owners and buyers of aircraft. He co-founded the Veling Aviation Group in 2002 and has led the company to what it has become today. 

Dr Nayak’s academic career is outstanding. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and he received an Honorary doctorate for his contributions to philanthropy and aviation from the University of Bolton, where he holds the position of Director of the Board of Governors since April 2019. 

Uday Nayak has generously supported Esharelife with conspicuous donations and, most importantly, by sharing his life with the charity. He has always attended Esharelife’s events, devoting his precious time to the charity’s activities. As a sign of recognition and gratitude for his commitment, Esharelife has appointed Dr Uday Nayak as one of its Ambassadors.

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