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Mr Luca Brandi

Mr Luca Brandi is a renowned artist born in Florence in 1961. Mr Brandi has been painting since the age of 9 and always showed great interest and passion in it. 

His painting technique is based on the layering of metallic colours, which creates a unique texture and is aimed at producing mixed and subjective reactions in the observers. At the end of 2015, he started to share his works on digital art platforms, his pieces being sold all over the world. His paintings reflect a soul travelling for centuries in the search for his past love, silence and beauty. At the same time the spectator is invited to identify themselves  in the same journey that the artist attempts to represent.  

Luca Brandi has generously supported the Esharelife Foundation by donating four of his artworks at our Annual Christmas Gala in 2019. The money raised from the auction of his paintings, EshareLife has contributed to the wellbeing of the children and young people the Foundation supports in Kenya. In recognition of his support and commitment to the charity, Esharelife has appointed Mr Luca Brandi as one of its Ambassadors. 

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