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Mr Mustafa Mohammed

Mr Mustafa Mohammed is the Founder and Managing Director of Genix Healthcare, a national dental corporation with 27 practices, and the owner of Sparkle and SB Dental, two of the largest dental laboratories in the UK.

Mr Mohammed has always recognised the importance of good quality education: he has freely given his time to establish and support the Centre for Dental Sciences, as well as pioneering apprenticeships in dental care and technology and developed industry standards on behalf of the Government. 

Recognising the importance of education, Mustafa shares the Esharelife mission to ensure better education to children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Since the establishment of the charity, Mr Mohammed has supported Esharelife with generous donations and by taking part in Esharelife events. 

The Foundation is honoured to have Mr Mohammed among its supporters and in recognition of the paramount role he plays Esharelife has nominated him Ambassador. 

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