Esharelife delivers Positive Life Choices

Esharelife gathered friends, supporters and representatives from beneficiary organisations for its second Christmas Party – and raised funds for Kenyan education projects.

The glittering event, hosted by Tratos Ltd CEO and charity founder Dr Maurizio Bragagni, saw special guests from the worlds of politics, business and the arts gather to celebrate and support Esharelife charities.

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Creating A Brighter Future for Children with Leber Congenital Amaurosis

The second Eyes on the Future Gala Dinner saw guests arrive to a glittering event at one of London’s most exclusive venues and raise £220,000 to fund research to fast-track treatment for an incurable eye condition.

The incredible generosity that was a signature of the evening marks another big step in the fight against one of the cruellest diseases – a disease that guarantees the children with it are blind in their teenage years. Read more


Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is home to Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums.

It houses between 170,000 and 1 million locals. Around half of Kenyans live below the poverty line with some 38.5 per cent of the adult population illiterate.  The population is young, around 73% are 30 or under.

Education is one of the biggest steps toward conquering poverty – it offers chances, hope and possibilities.  That’s why Esharelife has committed to support another of AVSI’s Kenyan projects, and support more than 100 students with scholarships at the St Kizito Vocational Training Institute.

The AVSI Foundation has supported the development of several schools in Kenya since the early 90s: kindergartens, elementary, middle, high school and VTIs.

Over time, these schools have shifted from receivers of support to fully-engaged partners in action with a mission to unlock children’s access to schooling.

St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute is one of the schools empowered by AVSI Foundation. Read more

Mihov Donated Artwork

Artist Deyan Mihov donates artwork to Esharelife

Deyan Mihov has donated one of his artworks, via Esharelife, to be auctioned off at the charity ‘Eyes on the Future’ Gala later this year.  

The finance professional who has rapidly become one of the most thought-provoking modern artists offered one of his paintings to help boost fundraising for vital research to extend the ‘window of sight’ for sufferers of Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) – an incurable condition that causes certain blindness in teens and young adults.

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Deyan Mihov for Esharelife

Artful Banker Mihov

Deyan Mihov has donated one of his artworks, via Esharelife, to be auctioned off at the charity Eyes on the Future Gala later this year.

The artists is part of the thought-provoking forces in modern art.

Known as the “banker by day, artist by night,” Mihov is a finance professional who developed a passion for art.  A collector, the Bulgarian born artist began painting some three years ago

Such was his talent that multiple exhibitions followed quickly and his works have been featured already on the London Tube, in Forbes Magazine, at LA’s Grand Union Station and galleries across both London’s West End and Beverly Hills.

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For a Brighter Future: Esharelife & AVSI

Last year Esharelife hosted a Christmas party with the aim of changing the lives of children living in dire conditions in a Kenyan slum. That party raised money that has been dedicated to supporting the chances and choices for 50 of those children – funding access to education and improved life skills.

Boys and girls living in one of the region’s hardest environments – a slum named Kibera – come from families for whom every day is a fight for survival.  Going to school means children receive at least one meal a day. School fees are beyond even the most optimistic hopes of their parents. That’s where AVSI comes in, and why Esharelife is proud to partner this incredible charity.

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Piero Mochi Esharelife Community

Prima Artist Piero Mochi Joins Esharelife Community

One of Italy’s most respected contemporary artists has joined the Esharelife community – and donated some of his works to support the new ‘art-for-good’ project.

The artist immediately responded with enthusiasm about being a part of Esharelife’s community and an offer of donating some of his paintings to raise money for worthwhile projects.

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New Charity eSharelife’s Friends & Supporters Mark First Anniversary at Christmas

eSharelife will mark a year of activity and success in bringing together great artists, great art lovers and good causes when it gathers friends and supporters for its second Christmas party. Register now!

The organisation, which works to fund projects for some of the most disadvantaged people across the globe, will take the opportunity to celebrate during the traditional season of goodwill – to thank those who have helped, supported and worked so hard.

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Esharelife Seeks to Help the LCA Sufferers

Esharelife Seeks to Help Share Light for LCA Sufferers

To be just four years old and in the certain knowledge that you’ll go blind by the time you are a teenager or at the latest in your early twenties. From the earliest age, that’s the future for Vicky.   She is one of those with Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) a severe form of degenerative […]

Hellenic Initiative (THI) Gala Dinner

Esharelife founder joins the Hellenic Initiative and celebrates raising £250,000

Esharelife founder Dr Maurizio Bragagni and British Conservative MP Alberto Costa joined guests at the Hellenic Initiative (THI) Gala Dinner at the invitation of co-chair Constantine Logothetis, who was instrumental in helping set up the Esharelife charity. The Hellenic Initiative’s 3rd Annual London Event, hosted at the Dorchester Hotel, was a sell-out, with more than […]