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Simba Village Shelter Children Home

Shelter Children’s Rehabilitation Centre (Simba Village) located in Kajiado County in the city of Kibiko, Kenya,  is a charitable organisation registered in 1997 as a children’s rehabilitation centre. ​​The organisation’s objective is to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, recreational activities, counselling, and healthcare services for the children in the centre through educational programs, rehabilitation, psycho-social programs, and health care.

History and mission 

In the heart of Kajiado County, nestled within the city of Kibiko in Kenya, Simba Village Shelter Children’s Home stands as a testament to the remarkable power of compassion and community-driven initiatives. Born in 1997, this charitable organisation owes its inception to a group of resilient women who saw a pressing need in their midst – the welfare of orphaned children. With unwavering dedication, they forged a vision: to empower children to realise their boundless potential. Simba Village’s mission is deeply rooted in the belief that every child deserves a chance to thrive, encompassing the provision of shelter, nourishment, education, recreation, counselling, and healthcare services. Through comprehensive programs that address rehabilitation, psycho-social support, and healthcare, Simba Village remains a shining beacon of hope, guiding vulnerable children toward brighter futures.

At Simba Village, various activities are organised to enrich children’s lives, including farming, honey harvesting, and cow care. These activities not only teach them valuable skills but also help sustain the village’s operations.

Simba Village is also committed to planning for reintegration by working closely with traced household members. Market-oriented training programs are offered to parents, caregivers, and relatives, equipping them with skills to start or improve their Income Generating Activities (IGAs). Recently they were able to build a modern dormitory and a resource centre and start a solar project that has created jobs for the youths who are involved in assembling and marketing the solar lamps. In addition, Simba Village also focuses on the cultural and artistic development of the children. The kids are engaged in various activities that showcase their cultural heritage, such as dancing Maasai dances and singing in Swahili. These activities help the children connect with their roots and preserve their cultural identity.

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Since its inception, Simba Village Shelter Children’s Home has been a source of transformation, touching the lives of over 250 children. Beyond providing vital care, Simba Village actively advocates for the rights of children in their community, diligently promoting the value of education to each and every child. Remarkably, their commitment to empowerment extends beyond their own walls, as they create employment opportunities within the surrounding community. Simba Village’s exit program has been a resounding success, enabling children to transition into society with dignity and life skills. Moreover, they’ve been instrumental in rescuing Maasai girls from early marriages and female genital mutilation, underscoring their tireless dedication to safeguarding children’s rights. Simba Village Shelter Children’s Home isn’t just a refuge; it’s a place where futures are built, and a brighter tomorrow is crafted for all children, regardless of their circumstances.

This is possible thanks to collaboration with AVSI in Kenya, since 2005. The collaboration between AVSI and Simba Village has been instrumental in providing support and opportunities for the children in need, empowering them to fulfill their potential and improve their livelihoods.

Simba Village Shelter Children Home