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£1,000 donation to the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital cares for over 330,000 children, young people and their families every year.

The Hospital is one of Europe’s biggest hospitals, it takes care of children treating them for common illnesses but also for more rare and complex conditions. 

The hospital was founded with a focus on creating children’s well-being from a holistic point of view. Indeed, doctors, nurses and all the staff at the Hospital do not simply treat children’s illnesses but take care of them in order to make them feel happy, to grow and learn new things. 

The hospital is also aware of the importance of innovation, this is why it continues to drive innovation in paediatric healthcare within its Innovation Hub. 

Esharelife decided to give its contribution to this organisation that is making a difference for young adults and children across the UK. This is why has decided to donate £1,000 to the Hospital. The Foundation has been happy that even such a small contribution can have a lasting impact on families and children who currently need care.