Artist Deyan Mihov donates artwork to Esharelife

Deyan Mihov has donated one of his artworks, via Esharelife, to be auctioned off at the charity ‘Eyes on the Future’ Gala later this year.  

The finance professional who has rapidly become one of the most thought-provoking modern artists offered one of his paintings to help boost fundraising for vital research to extend the ‘window of sight’ for sufferers of Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) – an incurable condition that causes certain blindness in teens and young adults.

The artist’s work, auctioned before an audience of supporters at the London event in Autumn, will help fund the fight to prevent LCA turning bright futures dark.

The art piece auctioned is part of the Selye Symphonies, named after Dr Hans Selye who discovered the impacts of stress on the human body. The works were created as a series from numbers 0 to 13, each representing a different state of mind of the artist, who created them while travelling around the world during his banking career. Some of the pieces are signed with the location in which they were created too. The piece auctioned is number 0, which was the very first draft that inspired the rest of the series.

Deyan Mihov – Selye Symphonies’ Collection – Watercolour
Deyan Mihov – Selye Symphonies’ Collection – Watercolour