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Artful Banker Mihov

Deyan Mihov has donated one of his artworks, via Esharelife, to be auctioned off at the charity Eyes on the Future Gala later this year.

The artists is part of the thought-provoking forces in modern art.

Known as the “banker by day, artist by night,” Mihov is a finance professional who developed a passion for art.  A collector, the Bulgarian born artist began painting some three years ago

Such was his talent that multiple exhibitions followed quickly and his works have been featured already on the London Tube, in Forbes Magazine, at LA’s Grand Union Station and galleries across both London’s West End and Beverly Hills.

Mihov’s art is designed to challenge; each piece unravelling a narrative about modern day society. His distinguishable style, edging on the borders of surrealism and abstract figurative, has been combined with solid techniques grounded in manipulating the viewer’s perceptions. He has often utilised oils in combination with precious metals to generate the illusion of minute, constantly occurring colour changes, dependent on the intensity of light and the observers’ perspective.

The artist celebrated his first solo exhibition, hosted by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London, which ran from December 2017 through to February 2018.

Mihov was born in 1986 and began his art in 2015 as an exercise in mindfulness and creativity.  It has since progressed on a self-taught path that has led to critical acclaim.

Currently working and living in London, the artist has his pieces found in collections from the UK, US, Europe and South East Asia.