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Celebrating Father Giussani’s legacy

At this time of year, Esharelife Foundation is proudly celebrating the centenary of the birth of Father Giussani, who once said to our Founder and Chairman, Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE: “share and live together that is how you can build confidence”. These words instilled to Dr Bragagni the idea of founding E-Share-Life as a Charity foundation, with a mantra and a mission to share life in the digital era.

Father Giussani understood that Christianity is not an intellectual system, a collection of dogmas, or moralism. Christianity is instead an encounter, a love story; it is an event. He felt the urgency of proclaiming the need to go back to the elemental aspects of Christianity and has shown to people how it is possible to meet God through helping others and especially disadvantaged people.  His legacy is the path that he indicated to us: the possibility of making a human journey and to re-live the same Christian experience. 

Founded on the principle of giving back to society, the Esharelife Foundation never stopped believing in delivering its mission, vision and values. Despite the ongoing unusual circumstances and challenges of fundraising activities, Esharelife never stopped providing assistance to the people who needed it most and when they needed it the most.

Giving back is important; it makes people stronger, builds hope and, with it, the prospect of a brighter future. The importance of giving back to society can’t be understated and it boosts the morale of people involved. 

Esharelife is run totally by a network of talented people who volunteer and share the devotion to help others and give back to society. They volunteer their time, knowledge, their expertise, and join the fundraising events.

Since its establishment, Esharelife – in close partnership with AVSI-Kenya – has helped around 3000 children (mostly girls), and women escape from gender-specific violence and poverty. Some Kenyan tribes’ culture sees young girls forced into early marriages to benefit the family and sometimes the community. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is commonly practiced to increase female children’s value for these transactions. Children are denied the right to education, social identity and the right to be a child. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 significantly increased gender-based violence due to the stay at home directive imposed by governments all over the world. The directive helping to break the circuit of infection has exposed women and children to greater risk of harm, too. Creating positive prospects for women and girls is just one of the causes Esharelife has been set up to serve. 

Actually, Esharelife is supporting hundreds of children in Kenya to develop their full potential through access to good quality education and better prepared to start their adult life. Thanks to Esharelife’s support, our partner in Kenya,  AVSI has been able to support thousands of children and their family members, coming from a wide range of social, ethnicity, religious and other backgrounds. 

In one of the schools supported the Esharelife, the Little Prince Primary School in the slum of Kibera, the children supported by Esharelife are 53%  Muslim students of which  68% are girls and 32% boys.

Esharelife Foundation cordially invites you to join us in celebrating the legacy of Father Giussani, experience the joy of giving back to society, helping the most vulnerable and changing for the better the life of so many children, young girls and women in disadvantaged communities. Buy a ticket to attend Esharelife’s 5th Annual Christmas Gala Dinner on 23 November 2022, where AVSI Foundation’s Project Manager will provide an update  on the 91 children supported by Esharelife  in Kenya. 

Do not miss the opportunity to spend an incredible night in the company of  some incredible people and at the same time make a positive impact for those who are most in need.