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Esharelife donates 3000 face masks to San Marino to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 has now reached the proportion of a global pandemic which is affecting the whole world with devastating impacts and consequences. Some areas of the world are more affected than others, one of these areas is the small Republic of San Marino. 

San Marino is a small microstate completely surrounded by Italy, it is one of the only three countries that are completely surrounded by another country. The country is the oldest surviving Republic in the world and throughout its history has always been able to keep its independence from Italy. 

The Republic has been deeply affected by the virus: San Marino is now the country with the highest number of infected people per total population. The small State is suffering a lack of ventilators and face masks, which are urgently needed. 

Former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the Rt Hon Parliament Jeremy Hunt MP tweeted on his personal Twitter profile a request to not forget San Marino in this challenging time.  

The main purpose of Esharelife Foundation is to support the education and sustainability of children and young people in Kenya in the attempt to provide them with a brighter future and better opportunities. Esharelife, seeing the difficult situation in San Marino, decided to devolve some of its resources to San Marino. Therefore, the Foundation donated to the Republic 3000 facemasks to confront the big lack of such a fundamental item to limit the spread of the virus in the country. The masks were dispatched in San Marino last week, the local Government deeply appreciated the donation and declared to be glad of all the support that the Country is receiving from all over the world. 

With its small but valuable contribution, the Foundation hopes to help San Marino to recover from the COVID-19 emergency as soon as possible. In the meantime, since COVID-19 has arrived in Kenya, Esharliefe is also raising money specifically to help its children and schools to deal with the pandemic outbreak. To help the charity to raise money to fight the pandemic in Kenya you can support our Campaign on JustGiving