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Esharelife helps to save the life of Afghan children

On 31st January 2023, on the day when we celebrate St John Bosco, the Saint that protected children and built up the Oratorium, the place to pray and play, Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE received the insignia of the Order of British Empire in an official ceremony presided over by the Lord Mayor of the City of London. The OBE was awarded in June 2021 by the Late Queen recognising Dr Bragagni’s outstanding contribution and merits in providing business and voluntary political services for the benefit of the British community.

On the same day, Dr Bragagni, in his capacity as Chairman of the  Esharelife Foundation was invited to participate in a reception hosted by The Right Honourable Lord Coaker. The event was organised to celebrate and share a positive news story with the British public and to thank the British government for acting swiftly and compassionately in granting resettlement for thirty Afghan refugees and their families. 

During the event, speakers shared their stories, highlighted issues in Afghanistan, and especially paid attention to the impact of the August 2021 withdrawal and the devastating consequences that women and girls face in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. Dr Bragagni was pleased to meet some Afghani girls that were saved by the Taliban regime prosecution thanks to his and Esharelife’s direct involvement. His merits on this matter were also recognised in the speech by Dr Ali Malik, Chair of the Institute for Research and Reform, a charity set up in the loving memory of his father and with a mission to defend human rights in this region. 

All the merits must be recognized to the British Government and the British civil servants for their excellent job on the ground, especially to the Lord Harrington, Minister of Immigration, and Priti Patel, former Secretary of State of Home Office for having granted them entry and asylum in the UK

Dr Bragagni’s involvement in helping the most vulnerable people around the world is expressed through Esharelife’s activities. Last November, he received the Ministerial Commendation Medal B’ Class by the Hellenic Republic for supporting charitable initiatives and actions in the field of migration management and mitigation of the relevant consequences, especially during the event of a crisis.

Helping Afghan children from the Taliban regime prosecution, offering to them an opportunity to fully achieve their potential, develop their talent, follow their dreams and be fully integrated into the UK society, are among the most cherished activities that Esharelife is doing in fulfilment of its mission- Share life in the digital era.

Want to support Esharelife’s causes in Afghanistan?  You could make a positive impact by responding to AMAR’s foundation appeal to save the life of Afghan women and girls!