Esharelife joined the international community in helping the people of Ukraine

Esharelife is pleased to have joined the international community in helping the people of Ukraine. With the coordination of Esharelife Vice-Chairman, Dr Domenico Aiello, the Foundation was able to assist with the transportation services required to deliver urgent food supplies to young children and their families in Poland. 

The Italian Food Bank “Banco di Solidarietà Paola Tamponi” collects food donations for children, families and communities that need it the most, and supports children and families in Poland who are being affected by the war in Ukraine.

On this occasion, Esharelife made a donation of £1,500 to cover the transportation costs of the goods that Banco di Solidarietà Paola Tamponi sent to Poland. The operation was done in collaboration with OCI (which stands for Organisation for Immigrants Citizens). 

The current events in Ukraine are telling the world the necessity for a stronger connection, solidarity, and for giving back to society. This is why since the outbreak of the war Esharelife has been actively fundraising for charities and organisations that are supporting the people of Ukraine in these difficult times. 

OCI, which is working hard to support people in Ukraine, thanked Esharelife and the Food Bank for the support shown to the organisation and for having had the desire to support children in Poland. A special thanks, as reported in the thank you letter attached below, was given to Dr Domenico Aiello, Esharelife Vice-Chairman, who coordinated the operations. 

*English translation of the letter

Thursday 12th May 2022

We would like to heartfeltly thank the Vice President Domenico Aiello
For all the help and support he has offered us!
For helping the Ukrainian population during these hard times.
We heartfeltly thank all our friends for their generosity,
which will most certainly not go forgotten.
With all of you by our side, we will win!

Dear Friends, Sardinia, THANK YOU!

A massive heartfelt thank you, to everyone who is helping us.

A massive heartfelt thank you, to everyone who is sustaining Ukraine!