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Esharelife joins the blockchain communities

In this always more digitalised world, Esharelife has decided to join the blockchain communities by setting up a Maxity account and by creating its own NFTs.

Founded on the principle of giving back to society, the Esharelife Foundation is a charity with a sole mission: to share life in the digital era. Its ultimate goal is to create new, along with sustaining the existing opportunities, for people living in the most disadvantaged areas of the world; to lift themselves out of poverty by empowering them to build a path toward a self-sufficient future.

It supports education programs for children and young people worldwide – for those in developing countries and in developed nations – and works to provide access to education for girls and women who are denied it. It does so by supporting social, cultural and humanitarian projects, thanks to fundraising activities based around one of the noblest of human activities: the creation and appreciation of art.

That’s why Esharelife Foundation started to use the Maxity platform, which uses advanced blockchain technology to bring together artists and their artwork, art lovers and their collectors, and donators with their favourite charity projects. The Esharelife foundation fundraising platform allows artists to donate works of art, art lovers to buy them and charity projects to benefit. All the money generated by this fundraising activity goes to support charity projects.  

Through innovative fundraising activities and ideas, Esharelife raised above the Covid-19 pandemic and other global disruptive events’ challenges and is confident it will continue to successfully deliver its mission to serve the most vulnerable people in some of the most deprived regions of the world. The future is exciting. Explore, discover and buy the Esharelife NFTs from the link below.

Esharelife collaborates with different charities and institutions. Esharelife believes that mutual collaboration is a powerful tool to spread awareness about important matters that affect people and communities all over the world. The Foundation is willing to collaborate with other charities to reach a wider audience and have a wider impact on crucial issues that need to be addressed. So far the charity has collaborated with the following charities and institutions: 

  • Retina UK 
  • British Red Cross
  • The Big Help Project 
  • Willowbrook Hospice
  • The Little Sisters of the poor 
  • Medical Mission Sisters 
  • Amar Foundation

In addition to these charitable institutions to which Esharelife made donations or collaborated to raise money for specific temporary projects (raising more than £30,000), the Foundation continuously collaborates with AVSI Kenya. The AVSI Foundation is a non-profit organisation that implements cooperation and humanitarian aid projects all around the world. AVSI Kenya is the Kenyan branch of AVSI, a registered NGO 1986 which helps more than 3000 children get education and access to the food they need every day. Every year Esharelife organises a fundraising event in London, the Esharelife Annual Christmas Gala Charity Dinner, to raise money for AVSI Kenya. The charity has been organising the event for 5 years and every year has been able to reach its target of £25,000 which has been given to the AVSI to support children and families in Kenya. It is during this event that Esharelife sells artworks donated to the charity by different artists in order to raise money for Kenya.

In Kenya, Esharelife supports and protects children’s education: the charity’s money covers children’s education, food and medical care. The number of children that Esharelife supports every year depends on the amount of money raised by the charity. In addition to enhancing education, so that children can have skills and knowledge to get a better future, Esharelife also attempts to protect and support young women. The Foundation strongly believes in gender equality and operates to make sure that women’s rights are protected and equal opportunities are given to women in Kenya. The charity fights against child-enforced marriage and genital mutilation, terrible practices that are still very common in the Country. Supporting Esharelife means supporting education, human rights and gender equality. It is only with your support that Esharelife will make the world a better place. Support us in our attempt to reduce poverty and ensure equal opportunities to everyone. 

Visit the Esharelife Maxity page and support Esharelife in creating better opportunities for children and communities that need it the most.