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Esharelife supports cholera patients in Malawi

In delivering its assistance to the most vulnerable people in the world, Esharelife Foundation has established a wide network of supported charities.

Recently, we were very pleased to receive a report on the money donated to Medical Missions Sisters, which has been sent to St Joseph Mission Hospital in Malawi towards caring for the cholera patients.

It was a great satisfaction to learn that our assistance was delivered “at the right time when the meagre supplies had completely run out and cholera patients were sent to the government hospital more than 25kms away with no readily available transport. It is a blessing indeed. It is such a relief for the staff who are taking care of the Cholera patients”.

Our partner organisation in Malawi reports that for the time being, thanks to the donation received they are covered. The Medical Mission Sisters supplement of medication for cholera is what they have. It has not been easy for them, since the government’s supplies were not enough and their hospital was not prepared for such an outbreak.

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