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Prima Artist Piero Mochi Joins Esharelife Community

One of Italy’s most respected contemporary artists has joined the Esharelife community – and donated some of his works to support the new ‘art-for-good’ project.

The artist immediately responded with enthusiasm about being a part of Esharelife’s community and an offer of donating some of his paintings to raise money for worthwhile projects.

Piero Mochi’s work elevates the ordinary to the exceptional.  

He started painting in 1956.  From the earliest explorations of his artistic activity (at the age of 16) he moved to dedicate himself to study and to preparatory exercises – honing his craft.  For two years (1957-1958) he studied at the Trossi Uberti Academy of Livorno, working as an apprentice to Mario Ferretti at the end of the 50s.

In 1961 Mochi’s first solo exhibition opened at the headquarters of the Italia-Francia Association of Livorno.

The developing years for the artist were characterised by worries and upheavals, which would culminated in the great turmoil of 1968 when student protests were rife and 100 Italian artists occupied the Palazzo della Triennale for more than two weeks.

Mochi was not drawn by student parades and assemblies, but undoubtedly he was affected by the core beliefs of the movement that surrounded him.

Mochi’s art deals with difficult issues that, still today, put a strain on the concept of civilisation.