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Esharelife celebrates the graduation of 21 supported students in Kenya

Esharelife Foundation is proud of its 21 supported students who recently successfully completed two-year vocational training in Kenya. Our hearts are filled with joy!

21 students of the Esharelife supported group have been able to complete their vocational training in Electrical installation, Electrical and Electronics, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Plumbing and metalwork at St. Kizito Vocational School in Nairobi, Kenya.

They all graduated with professional certificates from their respective fields of work and now are eligible for employment opportunities in different industries in Kenya and outside. During the two years of their studies, they participated in a dual training program study, where they spent a semester in school followed by intensive training with local partner companies for practical learning purposes. We believe that they were able to gain unique skills and knowledge in the industry which will give them a strategic advantage in the job market. They are currently undertaking internships in different industries around Nairobi.  

Our students proved to be really committed and hard workers. While in school, they were involved in extra-curriculum activities like inter-departmental competitions, exhibitions, seminars, and industrial visits in which they made great use of the opportunity to interact with the whole school and other institutions. Apart from their specific course content, they studied other subjects like Mathematics, Science, Entrepreneurship, General education, Computer and Technical drawing to boost their general skills and better understand their training course and enrich their career paths. We hope that they will be guided by the knowledge gained to do their daily jobs.

Esharelife Foundation thanks our teachers and educators at St. Kizito Institute who have shown a great determination in teaching and assisting our students from day one until they started their internships and access the job market. They also supported them to grow and become responsible adults, by learning how to relate well with other people and with the surrounding environment.

As 21 of our students embarked on their life journey as independent adults, Esharelife Foundation’s mission continues and more students will be identified and assisted.

One final and important remark. Esharelife Foundation thanks its great supporters and volunteers that are donating money, time and energy and making possible the dreams of our students in some of the most deprived regions in the world becoming true! A profound thank you!