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Witnessing firsthand the impactful work of Esharelife and AVSI Kenya

Teresa Culivicchi, an Esharelife volunteer, arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, this April, eager to witness firsthand the impactful work of AVSI Kenya. A talented photographer, Teresa was on a mission to capture the essence of AVSI’s and Esharelifer’s interventions in Nairobi.

Through its partnership with AVSI Kenya, Esharelife has made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of children and their families from diverse backgrounds, including social, ethnic, and religious. During her six-week volunteering stint, Teresa has been working to document AVSI’s projects by capturing photos of the children and families benefiting from Esharelife’s support

One such family is Roger’s family, originally from Congo. After Roger’s father passed away, his mother was left as the sole breadwinner for their family of six children. Struggling to pay rent and afford food, Roger’s family was in dire need of support. Thanks to Esharelife, their expenses have been reduced, and Roger is now supported in school, with access to a bright future. He is pursuing his passion for physics with the opportunity to continue his studies. AVSI’s social workers provide financial, emotional, and educational support to the entire family.  

Left to right, Teresa is pictured with Roger, his grandmother and mother. 

Roger’s family is not an isolated case. Irene, the second of eight children, comes from a similar background. Her parents are also refugees from Congo, and while her father can work, her mother is unable to, as she needs to care for the children, many of whom are young. Irene loves studying English and is grateful for the support of AVSI, which provides her with an education that many girls in Kenya are unable to access due to a lack of support. 

Teresa’s dedication to Esharelife’s mission is evident in her commitment to capturing the stories and faces behind AVSI Kenya’s work. Through her lens, she is not just documenting moments but also bringing the transformative work of Esharelife and AVSI to life. Roger’s and Irene’s families are just two examples of the countless lives touched by Esharelife and AVSI Kenya. Their stories are a testament to the power of collaboration and the positive change that can be achieved when communities come together to support each other. As Teresa continues her volunteer work in Nairobi, her photographs and experiences will serve as a powerful reminder of the impact of Esharelife’s support and the resilience of the human spirit. 

Through her lens, she is not just capturing images; she is capturing the essence of hope, determination, and the promise of a better tomorrow for the children and families of Nairobi.