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AVSI Foundation

About AVSI

AVSI Foundation is a non-profit organization which implements cooperation and humanitarian aid projects all around the World. The projects are carried out in various sectors and countries, with education being the main target of most of them. With its help, AVSI attempts to make people recognise their values as human beings. Each project strives to promote the collaboration between human beings, meaning that one person always sees the other as a resource.

The charity works for a world in which communicating and sharing are fundamental, and through these simple actions people can provide a valuable contribution capable of generating positive changes. AVSI’s goal is to make the people aware of their value and dignity, make them able to express themselves and lead their integral development. 

AVSI is carrying out 199 projects in 32 countries, helping more than 20.000 children throughout the world with the Distance Support Program. In each project, AVSI follows the same method, which starts from recognising the value of the person, a value that cannot be defined by the environment in which the person lives. The journey that AVSI wants to promote is one where human beings help each other and learn from each other, for this reason it promotes the collaboration of donors, providers, partners and beneficiaries. 

AVSI Kenya

Esharelife supports AVSI projects in Kenya.

AVSI has been a registered NGO in Kenya since 1986, and it helps more than 3000 children get education and access to the food they need every day. Little Prince School Kibera, in Nairobi, is one of the main beneficiaries of AVSI’s activities.

As aforementioned, education is the main goal of AVSI’s projects in Kenya, but the charity also works in order to give people, especially children, access to food, drinkable water and healthcare. Furthermore, it helps young men and women in vulnerable families find jobs, empowering them through business skill training. 

Child Protection and Human Rights are also at the centre of every project carried out by the charity in this country, with peculiar attention to orphans and vulnerable children.

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