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Any amount is greatly appreciated

to have enough food, and medical assistance, to enter schools and have a better future

Why donate to this project

Esharelife Foundation was established with the aim of supporting children in Kenya to provide them with better education and a brighter future. Since the charity was funded Esharelife has attempted to collect money every year allowing children and families to have access to a better quality lifestyle. 

With the Distance Support Project, donors will support children and families from distance for an amount of time which is proportionate to the donation made. According to the donation children and families can get support for a week, a month or even more. Donations are allocated in a way that as many people as possible will be able to have a better lifestyle: to have enough food, and medical assistance, to enter schools and have a full formation in order to be facilitated to find a job in the future

Esharelife already supports a lot of children every year; thanks to the charity’s help they are able to get an education and develop the right skills to find a good job.

Here there is an example of one of the children that are receiving support thanks to Esharelife donors. His family lives in extreme poverty condition. His mum is sick and because of her sickness, she cannot have a stable source of income.

Thanks to Esharelife, the child can now go to school, donations have allowed him to get all the necessary equipment to be able to follow classes, to receive assistance and guidance from tutors as well as having access medical assistance when needed.

One of the schools where children and young people are sent thanks to the founding collected by  Esharelife is the St. Kizito School. St Kizito is a vocational school which attempts to teach young people how to approach the working world and it provides them with the right set of skills to perform certain types of jobs that will ensure them stable incomes. With these skills and education, they will be able to find a job and start their own independent life being able to be self-sufficient.

Here there is an example of one of the young boys that Esharelife supports thanks to our donors. Daniel is only one of the many young people that, thanks to the donations that Esharelife sent to AVSI Kenya, are able to get into the school to learn how to work to be able to find a good job in the future. 

Thanks to Esharelife donations Daniel can achieve his goal of becoming a plumber and metalworker to help his family and to be able to live a self-sufficient life in the future.

If you would like to donate to the Support Distance project and help Esharelife to achieve its target of £25,000 to be sent to AVSI Kenya and support as many children and young people as possible you can do it here. 

Discover more about the Distant Support Project in this short video with AVSI Projects Manager, Antonio Masuri and AVSI Kenya Distant Support Project Manager, John Kangogo.

If you would like to know how AVSI Kenya manages the donation received from Esharelife for the Distant Support Project watch the short video below. In the video, AVSI Project Manager, Antonio Masuri, explains how the charity manages and organises all the donations received.

Our Chairman Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE says: “Being transparent and honest with our donors and supporters is a key value for Esharelife and AVSI Kenya, therefore it is important for the Foundation to keep our donors informed about how donations are handled and used to support those who need it most”.