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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion must be ensured throughout the organisation and in its own practice.

Board diversity, in the widest sense, is important because it creates more balanced decision making. Moreover, equality and diversity are only effective and sustainable if the board works to be inclusive, ensuring that all trustees are welcomed, valued and able to contribute.

Key Outcomes

6.1 The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded in the

organisation and help to deliver the charity’s public benefit.

6.2 Obstacles to participation are reduced, with the organisation’s work designed and open for everyone included within its charitable purposes. This supports the charity to challenge inequality and achieve improved equality of outcomes.

6.3 The board is more effective because it reflects different perspectives, experiences and skills, including, where applicable, from current and future beneficiaries.

Recommended Practice

  • 6.4 Assessing understanding of systems and culture​
  • 6.5 Setting context-specific and realistic plans and targets​
  • 6.6 Taking action and monitoring performance​
  • 6.7 Publishing performance information and learning​

To access more information about equality, diversity and inclusion you can download the document below or visit the Charity Governance Code website.

Charity-Governance- Code

Download the Full Charity Governance Code here: