The board acts with integrity. It adopts values, applies ethical principles to decisions and creates a welcoming and supportive culture which helps achieve the charity’s purposes. 

Everyone that comes in contact with Esharelife will be treated with dignity and respect. To ensure that a safe and supporting environment is provided charity leaders should show the highest levels of personal integrity and conduct.

Key Outcomes

3.1 The board safeguards and promotes the charity’s reputation by living its

values and by extension promotes public confidence in the wider sector.

3.2 Trustees and those working for or representing the charity are seen to act with honesty, trustworthiness and care, and support its values.

3.3 The board acts in the best interests of the charity’s purposes and its beneficiaries, creating a safe, respectful and welcoming environment for those who come into contact with it.

3.4 The board makes objective decisions about delivering the charity’s purposes. It is not unduly influenced by those who may have special or personal interests. This applies whether trustees are elected, nominated, or appointed. Collectively, the board is independent in its decision-making.

3.5 No one person or group has undue power or influence in the charity. The board recognises how individual or organisational power can affect dealings with others.

Recommended Practice

  • 3.6 Upholding the charity’s values​
  • 3.7 Ensuring the right to be safe​
  • 3.8 Identifying, dealing with and recording conflicts of interest/loyalty​

To access more information about integrity you can download the document below or visit the Charity Governance Code website.

Charity-Governance- Code

Download the Full Charity Governance Code here: