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Openness and Accountability

To lead the organisation effectively and successfully the board must be transparent and accountable.

The public’s trust that a charity is delivering public benefit is fundamental to its reputation and success, and by extension, the success of the wider sector. 

Key Outcomes

7.1 The organisation’s work and impact are appreciated by all its stakeholders.

7.2 The board ensures that the charity’s performance and interaction with its stakeholders are guided by the values, ethics and culture put in place by the board. Trustees make sure that the charity collaborates with stakeholders to promote ethical conduct.

7.3 The charity takes seriously its responsibility for building public trust and confidence in its work.

7.4 The charity is seen to have legitimacy in representing its beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Recommended Practice

  • 7.5 Communicating and consulting effectively with stakeholders​
  • 7.6 Developing a culture of openness within the charity​
  • 7.7 Member engagement​

To access more information about openness and accountability you can download the document below or visit the Charity Governance Code website.

Charity-Governance- Code

Download the Full Charity Governance Code here: