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Organisational Purpose

The board must be clear on the purpose of the charity so that goals and objectives are achieved effectively and sustainably.

Trustees have a responsibility to understand the environment in which the charity is operating and to lead the charity in fulfilling its purposes as effectively as possible with the resources available. 

The board must focus on:

  • strategy
  • performance
  • assurance

Key Outcomes

1.1 The board has a shared understanding of and commitment to the charity’s purposes and can articulate these clearly.

1.2 The board can demonstrate that the charity is effective in achieving its charitable purposes and agreed outcomes.

Recommended Practices

  • 1.3 Determining organisational purpose​
  • 1.4 Achieving the purpose​
  • 1.5 Analysing the external environment and planning for sustainability​

To access more information about organisational purpose you can download the document below or visit the Charity Governance Code website.

Charity-Governance- Code

Download the Full Charity Governance Code here: