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Esharelife Values

The supreme law of our being is to share and to live in communion with other people, which is indeed what defines Caritas.

This is why Caritas is the main value on which Esharelife has been founded. 

Caritas is a Latin word that in the Christian tradition expresses the highest form of love. Caritas signifies the reciprocal love between God and mankind and this relationship of love between God and a person is manifested in practice by expressing and demonstrating unselfish love to another person. Caritas can be translated in English as “charity” which, as highlighted in the Cambridge dictionary, is a value that symbolises love and help given freely to people who are in need. Caritas is the quality of being kind to people and of supporting them without asking for anything back.

Esharelife has been founded on the idea that it is part of human nature to be interested in others, it is part of human nature to communicate and share what is beautiful and, equally, it is part of that same human nature to donate and give everything to those who are in need.  Esharelife believes that it is this experience of giving gratuitously that fulfills an individual: we become ourselves by communicating and sharing with others.

This is why giving back to society and having the desire to change people’s lives for the better with gratuity is what Esharelife attempts to do.

Esharelife believes that when engaging in charitable activities a person or an institution has to truly love those who are receiving help. In order to make such help meaningful not only to those who are in need but also to our personal fulfillment, it is necessary to empathise with people’s struggles and sufferings. 

It should be noted that the diversity of activities and the quantity of time that one dedicates to a charitable project is not essential. What is essential is to make sure that, as individuals, we make the effort to perform some systematic gestures, even if minimal, towards those we believe need support. The amount of time dedicated to a charitable initiative is not important, indeed, Esharelife is founded on the idea of free time. It is people’s free time that gives them the exact measure of their availability to others. Indeed, when individuals can choose what to do and are available to dedicate time to something they like that is outside their duties, there is where they can make a difference. Therefore, what matters is not the amount of time but the willingness to love and support those who need it most that counts. Only this will bring self-fulfillment.