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£10,000 to the British Institute of Florence

The British Institute of Florence is an institution, founded in 1917, is aimed at promoting cultural exchange between Florence and so the Italian culture and the British culture. The institute that granted the Royal Chartered in 1923, was the British Institute operating overseas.

Today the Institute offers language courses, in English and in Italian as well as History of Arts courses to which add a numerous number of cultural events run throughout the year. 

In March 2017 the Institute celebrated its Centenary anniversary, for the occasion the Patron of the Institute, HRH the Prince of Wales and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall. 

For the occasion, the Institute started a centenary campaign to fund its courses, its projects and its cultural initiatives to keep promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. 

The institute is a non-profit UK charity which does not receive public funding. Without receiving public funding, it is a challenge for the Institute to fulfil its mission to offer educational opportunities and promoting intercultural understanding.

To support the Institute in its attempt to deliver his mission and goals, Esharelife Foundation, on the occasion of the Centenary Anniversary of the Institute,  contributed to the campaign with a £10,000 donation. 

As part of its mission and values, Esharelife support education, and in accordance with goal number 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, Esharelife is committed to ensuring good quality education which is why it supports the Institute which attempts to deliver the same goal.