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£5,000 to the Knowsley Community

When setting up Esharelife, Dr Bragagni and his wife, Alessandra, knew that there was no need to go too far to find people that need help and support. This is why they are committed to supporting local communities that could prosper again by receiving external support.

Indeed, Esharelife supports the Big Help Project and the Willowbrook Hospice. These two initiatives have been set in the area of Knowsley, which is an area where the business that Dr Bragagni runs, Tratos Ltd, is located.

By supporting the local community, by truly caring about the social context in which a firm operates, not only social but also solid economic value for a firm is achieved. Alessandra and Dr Bragagni have been supporting local communities because the prosperity and growth of those communities will also produce social, economic and political progress from which every member of that community will be able to benefit.

Therefore, the money collected from Esharelife fundraising activities is also donated to these two local charities.

£2,000 to the Big Help Project

£2,000 has been raised for the Big Help Project “Knowsley Food Bank”. The Big Help Project is a charity that aims “to feed the hungry, overcome poverty, to free people from the burden of unmanageable personal debt, to help people into affordable housing, and to assist people on to a better future”.

£3,000 to the Willowbrook Hospice

£3,000 has been raised for the Mayor’s Charity which is the  Willowbrook Hospice, an organisation that raises funds to build and run a specialist palliative care unit. 

Esharelife has been honoured to be able to support these two institutions that attempt to benefit the local community of Knowsley. 

Here you can find a copy of the letters that the Big Help Project and the Mayor of Knowsley has sent to the Foundation to express their gratitude and appreciation for Esharelife donations.