Antonella Biondo

Esharelife is honoured that the artist Antonella Biondo will perform at the Esharelife Concert on the 16th of December 2020 at 5 pm. 

Buy a ticket for the concert to not miss her amazing performance: 

Antonella is a soprano, she graduated in Lyrical Singing and Music Disciplines at S. Giacomantonio Conservatory in Cosenza, where she also attended a jazz course. In 2005 she obtained the DAMS (Disciplines of Art, Music and Show) Diploma at Calabria University. She then started to study vocal technique with soprano Maddalena Calderoni and interpretation with Massimo Morelli. Antonella took part and won numerous competitions in Italy and Europe. 

During her career, she performed multiple times in Milan, Vienna, Hungary and many other places around Italy and Europe. She collaborated with famous artists such as Andrea Bocelli and associations such as the Pavarotti Foundation

During her career she interpreted numerous different roles in both contemporary and classical operas; the variety of roles she interpreted proved her talent and her ability to be flexible and versatile. 

Esharelife is pleased to have such a great artist performing at the Christmas Concert in support of AVSI Kenya, during the Concert, Antonella will perform with the pianist Marco Simoni

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