Mr Gianni Aversano

Esharelife is honoured that the great artist Gianni Aversano will perform at the Esharelife Christmas Concert on the 16th of December at 5 pm (BST). 

Do not miss the opportunity to watch his amazing performance, buy your tickets here: 

Gianni Aversano is a singer, he usually performs in a trio, “Trio Napolicanto”. The Trio, which sings folk music from the area around Naples, has performed in different areas of the world from Arctic Circle to New York, from Estonia to Harvard, from Moscow to Milan, from Sorrento to Afragola, and has always been able to get the approval from the most disparate audiences. In 2004 the trio performed for the Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI who thanked them for letting him discover Naples with their great music. 

In 2005 the Trio received the Histonium award for artistic and cultural commitment.  They have been awarded to let people rediscover the beauty and universal message of the Neapolitan songs.

The particularity of the Trio is to use a form of theatre-song style where the artists sing, act and narrate at the same time, the typical themes which are the base of most of the songs in the Neapolitan repertoire.

Their performances have been cited and played on Italian radios and TV programs such as “TG1 Musica” and TG2 of RAI.  Moreover, multiple Italian newspapers such as L’Espresso or L’Avvenire reported on the activity of the Trio.

The Trio has produced six albums including “Napule, People and God” and “Mozart and Pulcinella, serenata buffa of a Neapolitan night “. 

Esharelife is honoured to have such a great artist performing for such a honourable cause. 

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