Mr Omar Pedrini

Esharelife is honoured that the great artist, Omar Pedrini, will take part in the Esharelife Christmas Concert on the 16th of December 2020 at 5 pm (BST). 

To join Omar and the other great artists that will perform in the concert, buy your ticket here: 

Omar Pedrini, from Brescia (Italy), is a singer-songwriter and founder of Timoria a fundamental band of the Italian rock scene of the nineties. In addition to numerous extra-musical collaborations and projects, during his career he produced 19 albums, he published 188 songs and performed about 1500 concerts. He also played for Pope Francis in front of a million people on the occasion of his visit to Milan. 

The albums he produced during his career made him famous and appreciated around Italy and Europe. He suddenly had to stop performing because of an aneurysm which affected him badly.  Unable to perform, during this period he started to collaborate with Italian TV channels where he launched and conducted a wide variety of music-related tv programs. Since 2005 Omar has also taught at the “Sacro Cuore” University in Milan in a Master program about Music Communication for Media and Discography. 

His latest solo album is “As if there was no tomorrow” in which all his passion and love for British music emerge once again. In his latest album, Omar speaks to young people, he encourages them to think about their future and to speak up to defend their ideals. 

Esharelife is honoured that such a great singer-songwriter will perform at the Esharelife Concert to raise money for AVSI Kenya. 

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