Mr Svavar Knútur

Esharelife is honoured that the artist Svavar Knútur will be performing at the Esharelife Concert on the 16th of December 2020 at 5 pm (BST). 

If you do not want to miss his performance, buy your ticket here:

Svavar Knútur is the stage name of Icelandic singer-songwriter Svavar Knútur Kristinsson, from the Westfjords. He sings in Icelandic language and English, Svavar Knútur collaborated with Czech singer-songwriter Markéta Irglová on his album “Ölduslóð” (“Way of waves”). In the past few years, Svavar has toured extensively around Europe as well as Australia and North America. He is one of the founding members and curators of the Melodica festival, in particular, he manages the Reykjavík branch of the festival.

Svavar Knútur has played: SXSW in Austin TX, USA NXNE in Toronto ON, Canada Nurnberg Pop in Nürnberg, Germany Vienna Waves in Vienna, Austria Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavík Iceland.

Esharelife is honoured to have such a talented artist performing to fundraise for AVSI Kenya. 

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