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Jeremy Hunt MP joins Esharelife Virtual Visit from AVSI Kenya

International charity funding organisation Esharelife Foundation this week invited guests, including former Foreign Secretary the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, to join them for a virtual visit with education projects delivery agency AVSI Kenya.

Esharelife has been a long-standing supporter of AVSI, which manages schooling and vocational skills training for children and young people in some of Kenya’s worst slums, helping to create chances and choices for some of the world’s most disadvantaged youngsters.

On Wednesday (June 24th, 18.00hrs) the one-hour free, live webinar will walk donors and supporters through works they have funded thanks to generous donations made at Esharelife’s annual gala dinner late last year. The virtual visit will be guided by AVSI Project Manager, Antonino Masuri, who admits that he and his team are proud and excited to have the opportunity to invite supporters to spend an uplifting hour seeing just how much difference their donations make. 

We have the pleasure to be joined once again by a strong supporter of Esharelife, The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP. Mr Hunt participated as a guest speaker at the annual gala dinner and very much looks forward to engaging with the audience and people from Kenya in a Q&A session. For his support, the charity lists him among its Testimonials.  Mr Hunt will also have the opportunity to speak about his own charity and share his wealth of experience with the audience. 

Whilst the online event is free, we encourage you to make a donation to the Esharelife Foundation and help support the works of our friends in Kenya. To donate to Esharelife Foundation please visit https://donorbox.org/esharelife-supporter.