Leadership is crucial to set the tone for the charity, including its vision, values and reputation. A strong and effective leadership supports the charity to achieve its goals.

Key Outcomes

2.1 The board, as a whole, and trustees individually, accept collective responsibility for ensuring that the charity has a clear and relevant set of aims and an appropriate strategy for achieving them.

2.2 The board agrees to the charity’s vision, values and reputation and leads by example, requiring anyone representing the charity reflects its values positively.

2.3 The board makes sure that the charity’s values are reflected in all of its work, and that the ethos and culture of the organisation underpin the delivery of all activities.

Recommended Practice

  • 2.4 Leading the charity​
  • 2.5 Leading by example​
  • 2.6 Commitment​

To access more information about leadership you can download the document below or visit the Charity Governance Code website.

Charity-Governance- Code

Download the Full Charity Governance Code here: