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£7,500 to AVSI Kenya

In December 2017 Esharelife Foundation hosted its first Annual Christmas Party to raise money for AVSI Kenya. The event, which took place at the Institute of Directors, was a great success and the Foundation was able to raise £7,500 thanks to generous donations of its supporters. 

All the money raised during the evening has been devoted to AVSI projects to empower disadvantaged children in Kenya. With Esharelife contribution AVSI Kenya was able to support children who managed to access education as well as families and communities for which better opportunities and lifestyles were ensured.

For more than thirty years AVSI has been working in Kenya to promote the development of the poorest local communities in the area.  The charity’s focus is mainly on education and training in the suburbs of Nairobi, in Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums, and in Dadaab, the most populated refugee camp on the planet.

Esharelife Project Manager, Antonino Masuri took part in the event and delivered a presentation explaining how AVSI operates in Kenya and how much children and communities benefit from Esharelife’s donations. Mr Masuri showed the guests the projects and the schools where the money raised during the event would have been allocated to.

The event represented an important step in Esharelife history as it was the first big event that the charity had ever hosted. Esharelife has been grateful for the generous donations received from its supporters. The £7,500 raised have been sent straight to Kenya to help families and children to live better lives.