Compagnia Bella

Esharelife is honoured that Compagnia Bella will participate in the Esharelife Christmas Concert on the 16th of December 2020 at 5 pm (BST). 

Buy your ticket to not miss their performance at the Esharelife Concert in support of AVSI Kenya

Compagnia Bella is an association founded in 1998 with its headquarter in Romagna (Italy). The group focuses on theatrical research and experimentation which aims to ease collaborations of different artists that are already working in the field of theatre and art of communication. 

Characteristic of the Association is to coordinate the theatrical research of the artists who are part of it. In their works, the association combines tradition, taken from the costumes and culture of Romagna, and classical theatre, taken from the work of Shakespeare and the Italian Comedy.

In over twenty years of artistic activity, the Association has produced more than thirty shows: from sacred theatre to fairy tales, from musical opera to cabaret, from social to figurative, from classical to contemporary.

The artists that are part of it are Daniela Piccari, Giampiero Pizzol, Laura Aguzzoni and Giampiero Bartolini. Artists also hold courses, workshops and collaborate with composers, illustrators, directors, young artists, theatre groups and publishing houses. Literary publications and CD editions have always accompanied the Company’s activity.

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