Claudio Chieffo

Born in Forlì (Italy) in 1945  Claudio Chieffo is a famous Italian singer-songwriter.  He wrote and sang songs for more than 50 years starting from the ‘60s. Claudio Chieffo was one of the most original authors and voices in Italy whose songs were sung by thousands of people. During his career, Claudio wrote more than 144 songs and recorded various albums. He became one of the most famous catholic singer-songwriters in the world, he performed numerous times in front of Pope Giovanni Paolo II to whom his song “La Strada ” (The Road) is dedicated. 

He received numerous awards which exemplify how, with his spontaneous, simple but extremely powerful music, Claudio has been able to transmit his message of love, communion, and Christian values all over the world. 

Claudio died in 2007, but his music is still sung all over the world and his memory is kept alive by all of his family, friends, and supporters as well as from the Claudio Chieffo association

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