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A Collection of Songs by Claudio Chieffo

Esharelife Foundation is now taking part in a great new initiative to support those who need it most. 

For this new exciting project, Esharelife is collaborating with the Claudio Chieffo Association in order to raise money for AVSI, a charity that Esharelife has been working with since its foundation. 

The Claudio Chieffo association is an association that attempts to promote the beautiful and meaningful music of Claudio Chieffo, one of the most famous Italian catholic singer-songwriters who became well known for his deep, thought-provoking and meaningful music. Discover more about Claudio Chieffo below.

About Claudio Chieffo

Born in Forlì (Italy) in 1945  Claudio Chieffo is a famous Italian singer-songwriter. He wrote and sang songs for more than 50 years starting from the ‘60s. Claudio Chieffo was one of the most original authors and voices in Italy whose songs were sung by thousands of people

To keep alive and keep spreading around the world the beautiful music of Claudio, his son, Benedetto Chieffo, has founded the Claudio Chieffo association. Moreover, by being surrounded by songs, music and guitar, Benedetto, after the death of his father in 2007,  started singing his father’s songs in public. In 2014 he recorded a new album with some unpublished songs of his dad and he also filmed a movie to spread and promote his father’s works. 

Benedetto has already collaborated with Esharelife multiple times, he sang for Esharelife in support of Beirut, after the explosion happened on the 4th of August 2020. He also took part in the Esharelife Christmas Concert in December 2020. 

One of the latest projects that Benedetto has been working on is an album that contains a collection of songs written by his father Claudio and sung and interpreted by numerous artists including himself. 

The album attempts not only to spread the beautiful, profound, and meaningful music of Claudio Chieffo but it is also aimed at providing help and support to those who need it most. 

Indeed, all the proceeds from the album will be donated to AVSI to support the incredible job that this charitable association does every day around the world to sustain children and communities in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. 

This is a great opportunity to come into contact with incredible artists that have decided to dedicate their time to sing songs that reflect the values of Christianity, love, family, and friendship. You can purchase the album by making a donation of £30 from the button below.

Make a Donation to receive the Album

Numerous Italian artists are taking part in the project and have decided to sing Claudio’s songs. Among these: Markéta Irglová, Luca Carboni, Massimo Bubola, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Ambrogio Sparagna, Giorgio Conte and Alessandro Nidi.

Esharelife would like to thank all the artists and all the people that have collaborated on this amazing project by dedicating their free time to build something that will support families and communities all over the world to have a better and brighter future. A special thank also to Francesco Guccini, a famous Italian singsong-writer who, despite being unable to be featured in the album, contributed to the project with a donation.

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