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At Esharelife we believe that time is important. Especially nowadays, where people find themselves living busy lives, every single moment that can be given to help and support someone that is less fortunate is highly valued by the charity. This is why Esharelife is registered on JustGiving.

With JustGiving supporting others becomes quick, easy, and connected to your daily life!

JustGiving is a platform that allows users to create their own fund-raising campaigns and raise money for their chosen charity or initiative. With JustGiving, your attempts to support charitable initiatives become intertwined with your personal life. You can fundraise for your birthday, or for any other activity that is part of your own hobbies. In this way helping others become something embedded in your daily life.

Esharelife friends, supporters, and volunteers are already fundraising for Esharelife on JustGiving. Those that collect more than £5,000 for the Foundation will be listed among the Esharelife Ambassadors.

Become an Ambassador for Esharelife: all you need to do is to start fundraising for us!

Start your FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN for Esharelife on JustGiving:

  • Click on the button above
  • Register on JustGiving
  • Start your own campaign in support of Esharelife
  • Share your campaign with family and friends

When you will have raised at least £5,000 Esharelife will list you among its Ambassadors.