A collection of songs by Italian singer-songwriter Claudio Chieffo, the new Esharelife initiative

Esharelife Foundation is pleased to announce its participation in a new and exciting project aimed at raising money for the charitable organisation AVSI

The Foundation is now an album containing a collection of songs from the famous Italian singer-songwriter Claudio Chieffo. Numerous Italian artists have taken part in the project, contributing their performance and interpretation of the most famous songs by Claudio, which will be collated in this new album. 

All proceedings from the sale of the album will support AVSI Foundation and its projects worldwide. This initiative is not only a chance to help and support children and families living in some of the most deprived areas of the world,  but also a unique opportunity to discover  Claudio Chieffo’s wonderful and momentus music. 

This exciting project is a great opportunity for those who are willing to lend their support and want to connect with a style of music that is simple, sincere and talks about what really matters in life. 

Esharelife has organised this project in collaboration with the Claudio Chieffo association, an organisation founded after the death of Claudio in 2007, which aims at keeping the memory alive of the deep and thought-provoking music by this great artist. 

You can find out more about how to order your album here: