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A conversation with Shaun Bailey

Last week, Esharelife Foundation Chairman, Dr Maurizio Bragagni, accompanied by Ambassador Francesco Bongarra, a journalist for the Italian leading wire service ANSA and the Italian Senate, interviewed Shaun Bailey, conservative candidate for Mayor of London. 

Shaun was born from Jamaican parents, he grew up in London where he now lives with his beloved wife, Ellie, and their two children. 

Following his mother’s advice of diving into the British life and culture to use his know-how and experiences to help the Country to progress, he started to work a lot with young adults and vulnerable people, and only after some years, he entered politics where he served as special advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron.  

Politics allowed him to fight for his values and ideals in order to give people a safe environment where to live a better life and have a better future. As a true and genuine Londoner, having spent his whole life there, Shaun knows that the city is currently facing issues that need to be solved. As he mentioned in the interview, he is here to solve those issues: he is here to give London a fresh start and make it a better place. 

During the interview, Shaun gave some insights on his political program to make London a better, safer and cleaner place. Touching upon the topic of Brexit, Shaun highlighted how Brexit does not mean closure, it does not mean that foreigners will not be welcome anymore in the city but instead, foreigners will be welcome in London as they have always been even before the establishment of the European Union. 

Shaun also highlighted the importance of education, and how he admires and supports Esharelife values and mission which are solely based on providing a solid education to those who need it most. Education is key, it is something that allows people to think and grow, something that fosters personal and professional development, and that, no matter the physical circumstances that individuals are facing, it is something that will never abandon them once acquired. 

You can watch the full interview by clicking on the video below.