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Esharelife announces its 5th Annual Christmas Gala

Esharelife Foundation is pleased to present its 5th Annual Christmas Gala Charity Dinner which is aimed at raising funds to support educational projects and communities in some of the most deprived regions of Kenya.

The special event, which sought the patronage of the San Marino Consulate in the UK, the Consulate General of Italy, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Tratos UK Ltd will take place in London on the 23rd of November 2022.

All the proceeds raised on the evening will be donated to AVSI Kenya, a charitable association Esharelife has been collaborating with for years, that actively operates in the poorest areas of Kenya to support those who need it most. Do not miss the opportunity to spend an incredible night with some incredible people and at the same time do some good for those who are most in need. This is the 5th Annual Christmas Gala that Esharelife organises, the past events have always been a huge success and allowed the Foundation to collect a conspicuous amount of money to support children and communities in Kenya.

Book a ticket for the event from the button below. On the event booking page, you will also be able to find all the information you need regarding the venue, the schedule, and dress code.

If you are unable to attend the event but you still would like to give a contribution to support Esharelife with its charitable activities you can make a donation from the button below. In this way, you will be able to help Esharelife to achieve its target for the night and be able to keep supporting children’s education and development in Kenya.

Your donations will help Esharelife support all the ongoing projects that Esharelife is undertaking in Kenya to support children and communities.