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Insight to Hindsight the new book by Dr Maurizio Bragagni

From Friday 3rd July 2020 Esharelife Chairman, Dr Maurizio Bragagni’s new book “Insight to Hindsight” is available in paperback or in Kindle edition on Amazon. 

As the title itself foreshadows, the book, starting from the author’s accurate and deep understanding of some topics, which is indeed what is defined as an insight, moves to a deeper analysis and understanding of situations or events after they have happened or developed, which is indeed an hindsight.

Insight to Hindsight revolves around the main events that happened in the UK and Italy from February 2018 to December 2019 which are analysed with the perspective of Dr Maurizio Bragagni, an innovative business leader. In the publication, Dr Bragagni covers events such as the “Morandi” bridge collapse in August 2018 in Italy, or more political-oriented events such as Theresa May’s fight to deliver what Britain voted for which ended up deeply impacting her career. 

The proceeds of the book will go to Esharelife Foundation to keep supporting the AVSI communities in Kenya. Insight and Hindsight is the second publication for Dr Bragagni whose proceeds are all devolved to the Foundation. 

Indeed, the first book published by the Chairman was “BREXIT BUSINESS AND A BETTER BRITAIN”, also available on Amazon, where the author shares with the reader his point of view on the Brexit year and how such a matter has impacted the UK businesses and the Italian relations with the Country. 

Insight to Hindsight is available on Amazon at the price of £14.99Click here for Kindle Edition.

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