AMAR Foundation

The Amar Foundation is a charitable organisation that operates across Iraq and Lebanon, to ensure that vulnerable families have access to healthcare, educational services and emergency aid. 

The charity was founded by Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne. After one of her visits in southern Iraq, she realised that Marsh Arabs and refugees needed help and support to be relieved from having lost everything. 

The mission of the charity is embedded in the name of the organisation itself. In some Arabic dialects “Amar” means “the builder”, which is indeed what the charity aims to achieve: rebuild lives. 

The organisation delivers public and primary healthcare services, strives to foster sustainable improvements to public health, delivers a range of education projects to benefit both adults and children and delivers frontline emergency services to refugees.

Baroness Nicholson has a strong and long-standing relationship with the Esharelife Foundation. Well aware that there are communities and people all over the world that need support and help to have a better future, she has always shown great support to our Foundation. Indeed, she was one of the first appointed Patrons of the charity. 

Because of the incredible efforts of the Amar Foundation to create better and safer lives for people in Iraq and Lebanon Esharelife has decided to collaborate with the Foundation to give a small contribution to rebuild lives by making a donation of £2000.

Esharelife believes that this is only the beginning of a future long-standing collaboration between the two organisations which both attempt to promote sustainable development within disadvantaged areas of the world.